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Update from the foster home:
Bandera is in our home in PA for 2 days now, she is a sweetheart, still overwhelmed and not used to living in a home yet. She still chooses the laminate floor over the soft beds.
She does great with our dogs, including the little min pin and the smaller podenco.
She will likely be okay with confident cats in the house.
And she will come up to be petted.

Bandera is an almost 8 year old Podenco Ibicenco (IbizanHound)
She was rescued by SOS Podenco Rescue who took her out of a perrera together with 2 others podencos.

Bandera is coming out of her shell at the kennel, being 7 years old doesn't mean she isn't playful anymore.
She is social with the other dogs

Being a large sized podenco means that she will need at least a 6 foot , non climbable, fence when off leash.
And like any of our other adoptables, a 3 point safety harness, martingale and double leash is required when being walked.
At almost 8, Bandera is mature, but no where near old.

Estim DOB April 1, 2015
Bandera is a larger size podenco Ibicenco (Ibizan Hound) , 60/65 cm

Rescued by SOS Podenco Rescue 

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