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Recently Blaise moved to a new fosterhome where we got confirmed what we already thought.
Blaise can live with cats.
He is adjusting surprisingly well to his new fosterhome in Massachusetts.
He settled in with his new friends, a sweet male galgo, a bossy galgo girl and a friendly shepherd mix.
They have gone on a few adventures already, meeting new people and going for walks in a group.

Update on Blaise from his fosterhome:
He has been in fostercare since June and doing well.
He comes up for cuddles and has been caught playing in the yard.
He does well with the other dogs including the little dog.
One of his hobbies is counter surfing and he has become quite good at that.
He's a very sweet, endearing boy who doesn't ask for much.

Blaise is a survivor.
Like thousands of Galgos, he comes from an environment where weapons and death dance together. As a refugee, rescued by Gisela & Laura, he arrived at FBM in December 2021.... and here, as one of the long-sitters, he now waits patiently for the days to pass.
Blaise is a gorgeous boy with an incredible appearance, visually perfection in the form of a Galgo...but as we all know, beauty can't buy you anything. He seems so lost ....a pianist without a piano, without an audience....
Unfortunately, his insecurity does not make him stand out as other dogs with happy or cuddly character do. His insecurity was not his choice. It is a result of being born into a brutal environment where the sounds of guns and screaming are a frightening ballad.
Blaise is so afraid of loud noises. And while he has great skills to improve his relationships with humans, the shelter environment does not allow for it. His backpack of past experiences is too heavy. Blaise needs silence. A quiet environment full of soft sounds that resonate of love, happiness, gentle touches and hope.
Blaise has his fears - yes - but he is not one of the absolute hardcore cases now. Blaise shows all the conditions to regenerate soon mentally: he is curious, he gets along well with other dogs and will trust his family quickly. He is not a difficult case - he is about the fragility of his soul in all this noise - he needs to get out of there so badly. Then he can heal. It's time for Blaise to stop being one of FBM's longest-sitting...
At FBM since: 29.12.2021
Born: approx. 09/2015
Height: 66 cm
Weight: 27 Kilo
Other dogs: social
Cats: cat trainable
Diseases: Negative

Eastern Adoption Areas: within a 6 hour drive of South Central PA, includes NC, NY, MA, DC, NJ, DE areas

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