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Update on Bree from her foster home:

Bree has been doing great and is ready to go to the right forever home
While she still can spook, she also has become very playful with the other dogs and comes up for pets and loving to me and my husband.
But she still is skittish with our young adult son.


She is still getting used to the leash and will easily scare when walked. So a 6 foot secure fenced in yard for her to play in is a must until she is confidently walking on leash.
Also, she needs a confident dog next to her to learn from, preferably a medium to larger size.
She acts like a young pup, just turned 2 years old, and needs her energy out through play and running with dogs her size. She loves chew toys and stuffed animals.
Besides other dogs, not too small, she can play rough, she needs a more quiet household without young children and we do not suggest cats.

Bree is a sweetheart who is still learning but making fast progress.



Bree was very fearful and spent a few months  in foster care to unfold
Bree is still very young and has started trusting once she realized that she is no longer in danger.
A 6 foot secure fence  when off leash and a safety harness in combination with a martingale collar and double leash is still required to keep her safe.
With Bree we will also require a GPS collar like the Fi or Whistle.

Arrived at FBM Dec 10 2021
Estim DOB July 27 2020
Weight 21 kg
Height 60cm

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