The first ever SAGE calendar is being printed and since this is our first calendar, we will be conservative with ordering.
To ensure you will get yours, pre-order!
The calendar is a saddle stitched, printed on gloss paper
Cardstock cover  8.5 x 11
Costs will be $27.50 (shipping included)
Payment through PayPal or pick up in Pacifica or Dillsburg.
Please let us know if and how many you want.


How to pre-order
Please read the following instructions carefully 
(We don’t want our PP account closed)

In order to make sure you get your calendar please use PayPal to send $27.50 per calendar to

In the comments:
-Only note your name and address for the calendar,
-your email address so we can confirm we received the money.
-C1 for 1 calendar, C2 for 2 and so on... 
Nothing Else!!!

Remember, 27.50 per calendar…

The calendars are ordered today: oct. 27, we will start sending them out the moment we receive them.
We will keep you up to date through Facebook.
Thank you!