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Arrived at Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert Dec 2022

After a few weeks  in foster care we learned a lot about 'Casi' as we call him.
Fast, due to his looks he earned the nickname 'our little werewolf' and he ended up as a model in a promotion.
And boy, is he he good at that, Casi is happy to go anywhere, he loves going out, take hikes, meet people and have fun.
Right now he's a typical teenager, pushing his limits with the other dogs until they tell him not to. 
He would do well in a home with a confident role model.
Besides walking around with blankets in his mouth, he is really good when it comes to puppy naughtiness as long as he has some good chew toys for him to choose.
He is also as smart as a whip and would love to take besic behavior classes and explore other options like tricks classes or maybe barn hunting.
If exercised well, Casi behaves well in the house.
Casi needs the mental and physical stimulation of regular walks and hikes.
So please apply also when without a fenced in yard but when you have time to go for good walks.
With some time and training Casi will be a wonderful companion.
He already knows how to give the best cuddles.

With what little information we have, most of it tells us that Casimiro was prepared to become a champion hunter.
At age 1, he came to FBM with muscles that would look fitting on a bodybuilder, wanting to go and constantly on the move, but also with some physical evidence that make us believe that his physique was for a good part the result of performance enhancing drugs.
After several visits to veterinarians and check ups, we can report that no damage was done and he is healthy besides an issue with one of his back legs. He is over extending, but the leg is strong and needs no treatment.
As a matter of fact, daily walking is the suggested PT.
Seen his high preydrive we won't place Casi in a home with cats or little dogs
And since he still is a pup himself, we prefer only older children.

Estim DOB October 11, 2021
weight 45.9 pound
Shoulder height 20.8 inches


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