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A true giant at FBM! 
Chato is just beautiful and adorable, a gorgeous, handsome colossus, a happy, fun bear with fluffy fur who loves to run with his buddies in the run. Chato is such a friendly boy, who gets along great with everyone, whether human or other dogs - he is one of the kind who settles everything with his calmness - a self-confident, cuddly, really very dear boy. He still pulls on the leash, everything is so exciting and thrilling, but he can be led well in new situations and is curious. He will certainly learn the dog 1x1 quickly!  Who still has room on the sofa for this adorable boy?
At FBM since: 21.11.2022
Born: ca. 05/2017
Height: 72 cm
Weight: 31 Kilo
Other dogs: social
Cats: Test can be done on request
Diseases: none

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