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Marvins spot.

September 2023


For those visiting our available dogs on a regular base, Marvins face should look familiar.

Marvin, rescued by Fundación Benjamín Mehnert is one of SAGE's permanent fosters and listed with the available dogs as a reminder of what we do as an organization.

SO, I figured, I'd give you an update on the boy while I am here dogsitting Miquel and Cynthia's crew here in CA.

While Marvin is an older guy, don't get fooled by his gray face.

He is quite the character.

Reason while Marvin stayed with M and C in fostercare was the fact that no one seemed interested in guy with his funny face even after months and frankly, M and C grew attached to this silly boy.

To Marvin it made no difference, he felt at home the moment he stepped into the door.

Here in Pacifica, I watch him being the fun police, being cuddly and silly. With his canines sticking out, his mangled ears and his pouty lip, its pretty clear he has gone through a lot, but you wouldn't know, he's happy as a clam.

Yet, the years of abuse are taking their toll, he's gimpy when he gets up to chase squirrels in spite of pain killers and supplements, he will need an intensive dental soon, his misshaped mouth, making it impossible for him to close his mouth, doesn't do his teeth a favor and I will not be surprised if he will lose more than a few teeth.

We will do that, and whatever else he needs while being part of our SAGE family.

Please enjoy a few pictures of the big boy taken the past few days.


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