3 year old Fajita is sugar, lots of spice, and everything nice!

She is an active, fun loving girl who preferably needs a home with another active dog buddy, although she can be a single dog with an active person who is home most of the time.
Since Fajita is young and energetic, she needs daily exercise and would make a good running partner or hiking partner. A safe enclosed 6ft fenced space to give her a good run with a buddy or two would be perfect.
Once Fajita's exercise requirements are met, she loves her stuffies and a plush bed.
She is the ultimate "roacher" who can cuddle and nap with her people for up to 18 hours a day! Her foster parents say Fajita brings lots of laughs and smiles to their home everyday.

Fajita is small dog friendly, but supervision is always necessary in a home and outdoors, especially with treats, food, and toys of value. Fajita is curious of strangers and is on the shy side, so she needs love, patience, time, and commitment to unfold in a new home. In return, Fajita gives much love, affection, cuddles, loyalty, adventure, and lots of laughs. To ensure the best possible fit, experience in shy dogs and managing dog or sighthound play are preferable. Are you that special home for Fajita?

Cat test can be repeated, if necessary.

On 10/07/19 she came from galguero villaga Arahal to FBM
Born 05/01/17
59 cm height
20,5 kg weight
Negatively tested on Mediterranean diseases 

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