While in Spain, Firulais caught my eye.
At first because the other males in the kennel pestered him and he ended up with a few small holes in his coat.
But then I started to see him for what he was.
Taller than the others, with legs that he did not seem to know how to use them.
He spent his time avoiding the other males, but was clearly craving the attention.
When, at the last moment a spot on a flight was offered, the decision was not hard.

Firulais arrived at FBM when he was only 13 months old and is at the moment only 18 months.
For his age, he's pretty calm and not fearful at all.
He's a tall boy and likely suffered from some malnutrition.
He still has some growing, muscle building and filling out to do.

In his fosterhome he gets along with the other galgos, loves to play with toys and sleeping on a soft bed. He is curious and smart and would do well with classes.

And on top of that all, he has the most beautiful Spanish eyes.

DOB: May 8th, 2018


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