Our sweet boy GREY is a very affectionate male and is so longing for a family of his own where he can get all the love and care he deserves.

He has had a hard life and when he became old and useless to his owner, like so many of his fellow sufferers, he was simply abandoned.

Already 12 years old, it is difficult to find a home for him, yet he needs it so badly - a soft, warm bed, tasty meals, exciting walks, maybe he would like to run a few more laps, and lots of cuddles - that is what we wish for him in his final stage of life.

Grey has a lump in his lumbar area, but it has already been examined and is from an old muscle fiber tear - it does not hinder him in any way!

Seniors are very special - please give this adorable crawlintoyou boy (see video) a chance!

At FBM since: 24.09.2020

Born: approx. 07/2008

Height: 65cm

Weight: 32,6Kilo

Cats: no

other dogs: very social

Diseases: none

Video by Corne :



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