"When fear comes, I am with you!"

This is the sentence we wish Ivano with all our hearts.

It's not the easiest thing in the world to show a fear dog a home and a way out of his feared soul.

After 2 years at FBM Ivano made it to a foster home in the US where he is learning what living in a home is all about.
So far Ivano discovered treats, the couch, soft beds and how much fun it is to play in a big yard with other dogs.
Ivano is also curious and brave and has a will to get away from the fear that holds him back.
He is definitely much more brave and comfortable with women and we can't promise this will ever change. His fear of men, young men is deep.
But if you look past his fears, you will see a very gentle boy who will greatly benefit from having another confident dog next to him. He learns by watching the other dogs.
And when in the yard playing with the other dogs he forgets his fear and you can see how happy he can be.


At FBM since: 14.03.2019

Date of birth: approx. 06/2015

Height: 65 cm

Weight: 23 kg

Other dogs: Social

Cats: yes under reserve

Diseases: none

Video Dec 2020:

Video Jan 2020