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The first thing that stands out is his interesting name
- From the meaning, it is a kind of Turkish pizza. And while his name may sound like some fast food - Lamacum is a sporty, slender male with a lot of charm.
He likes to be in company of humans and dogs and does not show any fears. Of course he presents himself interested, curious and playful, as it should be for a younger dog.
This young man with the white chest is ready to discover the world. And Lamacum is in need of a home and a family who are right there with him.
Wouldn't he be the perfect dog for you?

At FBM since: Nov. 24, 2021
Born: approx. 10/2019
Size: 65 cm
Weight: 24 kilo
Other dogs: social
Cat test: test can be done on request
diseases: none

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