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If you are looking for uncomplicated, happy, outgoing, young and cat trainable, Picona is your girl.
Picona was taken in by our friends at Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert after she was dumped at the pound in Badajoz.

Luckily that experience didn't impact her that much and she still is a happy girl and is considered a good match for people who haven't owned a sighthound yet.

Picona tested negative for the mediterranean diseases and is ready to start her new life the moment she sets foot on US soil.


At FBM: 03/2024

Approx DOB: July. 2022

Weight: 22 kgs

Height to shoulder: 60cm

Cats: considered trainable

Negative for Mediterranean diseases, heartworm negative, spayed and fully vaccinated 


Western Adoption Areas: CA WA OR NV AZ

Eastern Adoption Areas: within a 6 hour drive of S Central PA

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