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When we at SAGE are presented with a special case, we turn to YOU…our adopters, our supporters, our followers, in hopes of finding the best home for a Galgo like Samantha.
She was abandoned at a vet’s office after suffering for several days with an open fracture to her front leg. Samantha’s galguero didn’t bother with her or her pain until it was too late. 
The vet in Madrid reached out to Gisela from FBM, and of course she took complete responsibility for Samantha and her medical needs. Unfortunately, Samantha lost her leg, but not her spirit or love for life, or people. 
Gisela reports that Samantha is a wonderful girl. Friendly to people, children, and is very well mannered.
Although Samantha gets along with other dogs, she is definitely more people oriented. She would love to be your companion and a treasured member of a family. 
Don’t let the fact that she is a “tri-pod” keep you from saying yes!Samantha has adjusted very well, and at only 15 months old, she has a long life ahead of her. 

Samantha is fully vaccinated, tested negative for all Mediterranean diseases, is spayed, and ready to make one of our Summer flights.
Will you be the one to say “yes!” To giving this sweet, special girl a loving, dedicated home?

Samantha can fly to the US at either our West or our East coast fight soon.
Let us know where she will be going!

Western Adoption areas: CA WA OR NV AZ
Eastern adoption areas: within a 6 hour drive of S Central PA

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