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Stitch arrived at FBM at the end of 2020 and it took a long, long time before he finally got adopted.
10.5 months ago…
Since 3.5 months he has been boarding with us together with his sister Gala.
Unfortunately, boarding now turned into fostering.
In these 3.5 months we got to know Stitch well and what a sweetheart he is.
While he has these moments in which you can see he expects bad stuff to happen, once you gain his trust, he is such a happy boy who loves to play.
Stitch would do well in a home where there are other dogs, big dogs, small dogs all are fine, as long as they are gentle and welcoming. You will often see him lean on other dogs and if they allow, he will share a bed with them.
Once Stitch feels safe, you see a totally different dog from the first impression of a shy dog he gives you.
He is playful, happy, naughty at times and loves to cuddle.
He loves to go fly hunting or throw stuffies in the air.

In his former home he was only leash walked with his sister Gala.
While Gala and Stitch could go to a home together, this is not required.
They both choose their own friends here at home and don't really seem to need each other.

Rescued by Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert
Born: approx. 05/2018
Height: 65 cm
Weight: 26 Kilo
Cats: No
Other dogs: Very social
Diseases: Negative

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