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It was in April 2019 that Suhan arrived in the US at the age of almost 9.
Rescued by Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert  with 2 old but healed breaks in both front legs, she was adopted almost immediately.

About 6 months ago, Suhan returned to our care, temporary we hoped as her owner ended up in hospital, but unfortunately the decision had to be made to make this permanent.

So now Suhan is in need of a new home in her golden years.

Suhan is an absolute love with people and with a lot of spirit still.
Nor her crooked legs or her age withholds her from running with the other dogs for a short sprint after which she beats them to the couch where she loves to sleep up side down.

Suhan can live with cats and small dogs.
Her main demand is for others not to jump on her or to bump into her.
Which is understandable seen her front legs.

While she seems to be still very mobile, we are looking for a home where she does not need to do stairs or steps or needs to take walks.
While she does enjoy them, seen her age and legs a yard will be convenient for the colder days.
She just received her rabies shot in January and she had a good check up with no real issues.

Estim DOB Nov 1, 2010
Weight around 50 pounds
Smaller sized

Suhan is being fostered in South Central Pennsylvania

Eastern Adoption Areas: within a 6 hour drive of South Central PA, includes NC, NY, MA, DC, NJ, DE areas

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