Tintin is a Bodeguero and comes to the US on special request.
While we not normally deal with other breeds, we are willing to make exceptions if this means a good home for one of the Spanish shelter dogs.

FBM normally has a few of these Bodegueros.



A bit more about the breed:

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is sometimes referred to as the Spanish Jack Russell due to their similarity to the popular Jack Russell Terrier in looks and temperament, and both breeds have Fox Terrier in their ancestry, but the Ratonero developed in the south of Spain, a mix of Fox Terriers and local ratting dogs. The result was an extremely quick and agile hunter of vermin that worked well in between the wine barrels stored at the vineyards that flourished in the area. They are known for having an exuberant and joyful personality and are quite affectionate and even comical at home but focused and driven when on the hunt.   

The Ratonero Bodequero Andaluz is an energetic and friendly animal that tends to have a rather upbeat demeanor. They tend to get along with most people, both familiar and unfamiliar, as well as most other canines, but their extremely high prey drive and speed make them unsafe companions for smaller animals such as rabbits, ferrets, and even some cats. They are often quite entertaining and clownish when relaxing at home but tend to be more somewhat more reserved and well-mannered in more unfamiliar settings when well-socialized. This breed also tends to be drawn to children, and while it is always important to supervise interactions between canines and children, these sturdy, energetic dogs often make very good playmates for the younger set. These dogs are also highly intelligent and tenacious, but good socialization as well as introducing basic obedience helps to prevent that from turning into stubbornness. 

Like most terriers, the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is a very high-energy dog with a quick mind that requires a great deal of both mental and physical exercise each day. Along with a brisk thirty to sixty-minute walk each day, you may want to consider enrolling this dog in alternate activities such as barn hunt, agility training, or even canine freestyle dance. This breed is small enough to live comfortably in most apartments, and they don’t tend to be overly vocal or territorial in general, if given enough to do, both mentally and physically.

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