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Adopting a Galgo into your home is a great choice.
Not only are you giving a home to an animal in need, your life will be never the same again. 
You are gaining a loyal, sweet, smart friend for life.

SAGE is based in South Central Pennsylvania and adopts dogs out within a six hour radius around Harrisburg Pennsylvania.
And within a 6 hour radius of San Fransisco California


  • Our adoption fee is $850 (USD).

  • This covers, a microchip, spay/neuter, blood tests for the Mediterranean diseases like,
    Leishmania, Ehrlichia and Heartworm,

  • A European Pet Passport.

  • Vaccinations for Rabies and DHPPL.

  • The dogs are observed for temperament and can on request be cat tested while still in Spain.

  • The flight to the US and transport to their foster homes.

The Spanish rescues will be reimbursed by SAGE for their costs in full.

If you have any questions before filling out our application, feel free to contact us by e-mail:


Prior to your adoption a SAGE representative will contact you for a home visit. 

In order to be considered for adoption, please keep in mind that galgos in general have high prey drive (though many can live with cats and small dogs)
This means that they can never be allowed off leash unless in a secure fenced in yard (in general 6 foot high)
Also, we do ask that you do not crate your galgo or leave him alone for longer than 6 hours unless you can make arrangements for them to get a much needed potty break outdoors while being supervised.







SAGE is mainly working with these rescue groups in Spain: Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert,
and SOS Podenco Rescue. We always have been and are open to work with other rescues in Spain.
If you see a dog available for adoption with these groups and are serious about adopting a Galgo, please contact SAGE for further information.
Visit our Available Dogs page for information on dogs that are already fostered here in the US or are scheduled to arrive in the coming months.




For available galgos that are still in Spain, please click the logo.

sos podenco rescue.jpeg


Location: South East Spain


For available galgos that are still in Spain, please click the logo.

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