Available in Pennsylvania area (PA) /California area (CA)

Bom (PA)
Happy, playful 2 year old female
Izzy (PA)
11 year old female
Fortachon Adoption pending
(PA) 9 year old male, sweet, happy
Libano (CA)
7 year old male,social with other dogs and stable
Brent (CA)
3.5 year old playful, happy male
Curro (PA)
Sweet, social 7 year old male
Morisca (CA)adoption pending
4 year old female, cat trainable
Ivana (CA) adoption pending
4 year old female, sweet and gentle
Toby (CA) adoption pending
sweet 3 year old male, great family dog
Silver (CA) adoption pending
2 year old male, no fears
Mohre (Carrot) adoption pending
Podenco Maneto, 1 year old
Drogon Adoption Pending
Sarabi, adoption pending
Hermes, adoption pending
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