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Galo is special and came to SAGE after an emergency request from FBM

First of all you will notice his very beautiful fur coloring, which reminds you of a cup of mocha with sugar. A beautiful dark brown to black tone and added  to that, Galo is with a size of 72 cm a real magnificent galgo.

Unfortunately also his many, many scars are noticeable as well with him. At FBM Galo was a submissive, withdrawn male, at the bottom of the hierarchy and was attacked and badly injured by the other dogs. Being the underdog means you have nothing to say at the shelter and Galo has already internalized that and withdrew.

But when he has the chance to make contact in a calm way, he is capable of building trust quite quickly and seeks protection from his caregiver, following  the other end of the leash.
However, he always looks over his shoulder to see if there is any danger coming from somewhere and will try to get himself out of scary situations.

Galo is looking for a quiet home where he can be given the love and security he needs for his development. In addition, a dear, friendly partner on four paws is a must and people who have patience, love and a lot of tenderness to the future should be for Galo.


At FBM/Sevilla since: 20.01.2022
Born: approx. 05/2019
Height: 72 cm
Weight: 25 kilos
other dogs: social
Cats: Test can be done on request
Diseases: Galo has recently been diagnosed with Leishmaniasis.
He is being treated and recovering. Once the illness is under control, SAGE will provide an adopter with all the support and knowledge needed.
Leishmaniasis, while not very well known in the US is not contagious and can, while not cured, be treated. Medical support from a specialist here in the US is available.

Western Adoption Areas: CA WA OR NV AZ

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