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More adoptable galgos and podencos

to be found in the Spanish shelters 


Have you been looking at our available  dogs and most of them seem to have a home waiting?
Are you looking for a podenco and you see only galgos?
Need a dog tested with cats, or small dogs?
You have been looking at a dog and when you decided to put in the application it said, adoption pending?

Don't be discouraged, your galgo or podenco is out there and we can help.
Unfortunately the dogs on our site are only a very small example of the wonderful dogs that every day enter the shelters in Spain we work with.

For example, Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert houses around 600 galgos on any given day.
SOS Podenco rescue has wonderful podencos waiting for a home for months.

So if you are ready to adopt, but don't see 'your' dog, let us know and we help you with your search.
And maybe your new family member will be on our next transport to the US.

Start with filling out our application and we will do the rest!

Apply for your new family member here!


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