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Marcelo is a great example of what a foster home can do for a dog.
While he presented as shy at the shelter, within a week at his fosterhome Marcelo gained confidence and has become affectionate and a cuddle bug.

Marcelo gets along great with the other galgo in the home and has become quite playful with her. Outside while being on walks he still has to gain a little bit more confidence, but a confident dog next to him will help him overcome this too.

So don't let the sad look fool you and discover the real Marcelo <3
An active, playful boy!

Marcelo was rescued by Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert 
He is 4 years old and tested negative for the mediterranean diseases.

Recently Marcelo has had 3 seizures and is now taking Phenobarbital  which seems to be working well for him.
Otherwise he is totally healthy.


Marcelo tested cat trainable.

Western Adoption Areas: CA WA OR NV AZ

SAGE Save A Galgo Español

Saved by: Fundación Benjamín Mehnert

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