Please read:
The situation right now due to the corona virus.
While we remain optimistic, SAGE has only one galgo left for adoption at this moment.
Due to the spikes in Covid -19 cases in the US, Europe is likely to vote for keeping the borders closed to Americans for a while longer.
We are looking into alternative methods to bring galgos to the US, but these tend to be much more costly.
SAGE is still taking applications but we can't guarantee when we will be able to bring multiple galgos to the US
But as soon as the borders open and the airlines allow us to fly dogs again, we are ready to jump.
Good things are worth waiting for.

We will just need to be patient for a bit longer and wear our masks. 

Petra Postma

Save A Galgo Español (SAGE)  is a small Non Profit based in South Central Pennsylvania and was founded in 2011 to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of the Galgo Español, a sighthound breed, used for hunting hare in its country of origin, Spain.
Our main goal is to educate people about the situation of the Galgo Español through seminars, Meet and Greet events, and through use of social media.
We support local shelters in Spain through fundraising.

Another important part of our organization is the placement of rescued galgos into safe and loving homes. 
In this quality is our main goal.
SAGE is working with 3 rescues in Spain. The BaasGalgo organization, Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert and 112CarlotaGalgos. Over the years, we have built a close relationship with these shelters.

SAGE founder Petra Postma, became aware of the plight of the galgos very early on when she adopted her first galgo in 1999 when she still lived in the Netherlands. Not even 2 months later, she started volunteering with one of the oldest galgo rescue organizations in the Netherlands, Stichting Greyhounds In Nood Nederland.
As she got more involved she found herself becoming a board member and eventually became the groups president.
When moving to the US, there was no doubt about bringing her galgos  with her.
Founding SAGE allowed her to continue the work she started in the Netherlands.
Armed with the knowledge that 50 to 100,00 of these dogs face a horrible fate every year, she felt she must continue to do as much as she could.

These days SAGE is a small 501©(3)Non Profit Charity located in South Central Pennsylvania and California with a dedicated board and volunteers trying to get the word out, spread awareness and find forever homes. We always welcome your support
If you too want to become involved, here is how:
Be a flight Patron

The SAGE board:
Petra Postma
Chris Winslow
Michelle Sanchez




Donations are accepted through PayPal using our email: 

SAGE is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3). Your donation may be tax deductible.


SAGE is always recruiting foster homes. If you live within a 6 hour drive of Harrisburg, PA or in North California and  interested in fostering a Galgo, please contact us!


Be a Flight Guardian
Are you, or someone you know, flying from Madrid with a direct flight to Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York or Baltimore? You could help bring a Galgo (or two!) back to a forever home! Read more here!

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