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Antonio is a galgo who stands out for his impressive strength and innate confidence. His elegant and slender physique makes him a commanding presence, but his true charm lies in his friendly and extroverted personality. He is a dog that relates exceptionally well to people and displays genuine affection towards those around him.

One of Antonio's most notable qualities is his lack of fears. He remains unfazed in the face of unknown or challenging situations, which makes him a brave and reliable life companion. His willingness to embrace new environments and experiences with a positive attitude makes him an adaptable dog who easily integrates into various settings.

However, like all dogs, Antonio has his challenges. Although he is naturally sociable, he needs some work when it comes to leash training. He may initially show some resistance or excessive enthusiasm during walks, but with patience and a proper routine, improvement in this aspect is expected. Once he establishes a routine and becomes familiar with the use of the leash, it is anticipated that Antonio will walk smoothly and calmly.

In summary, Antonio is a strong, secure, and charismatic galgo who adores human company. His courage and adaptability make him an ideal companion for those seeking a dog willing to face life with enthusiasm and confidence. With a bit of training, Antonio will surely become a perfect walking companion for any fortunate owner.

Estim DOB 26-07-2019
70 cm
30.5 kg

Rescued by Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert

Western Adoption Areas: CA WA OR NV AZ

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