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Fiercely loyal to 'his' person, a lot of personality in a great size package,

Doc is young enough to be enjoying adventures and hikes, old enough to enjoy a spot in the sun.
Recently we took him to downtown Philadelphia and he did great with all the sounds and impressions.

His favorite thing to do is gathering all the chew toys on his bed and chew the night away.

He also is a lover of any toys made out of fabric and paper towels, but we had to break him from this love, since he eats these items.

Podencos have a voice and know how to use it, he will sing his song after you come home, he will let you know someone is at the door or heaven forbid, tries to break in.

Guests, after being checked over, are welcome

Due to his past life, Doc is dealing with some sensory issues that do not influence day to day life or restrict his activity, but prevent us from placing him in a home with too many other dogs or children.

Doc is being fostered in South Central PA with several galgos, a borzoi and a miniature pincher.

He is partially crate trained.

Arrived at FBM March 4 2022
Estim DOB May 2 2017
Weight 24 pound
Height 17 inches

Eastern Adoption Areas: within a 6 hour drive of South Central PA, includes NC, NY, MA, DC, NJ, DE areas

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