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A Handicap, so what?
When you meet Porri, you fall in love right away ❤ !
Porri is  an adorable firecracker, has lots of colorful glitter in his head, is very human-oriented, funny and clever - for him everything is great!
Porri has no fear of contact with us two-legged friends, he is cuddly and affectionate, loves to be cuddled more than anything else, he is not shy with strangers and greets every visitor with a friendly "Hello!".
Porri just wants to be around you, he loves to run and is happy about his new life, a cheerful, open-hearted male dog, without fears and full of joie de vivre
He is also social and uncomplicated in the dog group, Porri gets along great with everyone. 
Unfortunately, he was the victim of an accident in September 2023 and was so badly injured that his back leg had to be amputated.
Porri takes his supposed handicap in his stride and shows the world that you can play and run at full speed even with three legs. 
We are looking for a family for Porri where he can be happy, doesn't necessarily have to go on long hikes and doesn't have to climb stairs.
This lovely boy would be perfect for sighthound beginners who live at a ground level. Who can imagine being able to offer this handicapped boy a wonderful life for his needs? 

The only disability in life is a bad attitude!

At FBM / Sevilla since: 04.05.2023
Born: approx. 05/2017
Height: 68 cm
Weight: 28,9 kilo
Other dogs: Social
Cats: No
Diseases: Treated and cured, anaplasma and fillaria.

Eastern Adoption Areas: within a 6 hour drive of South Central PA, includes NC, NY, MA, DC, NJ, DE areas

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