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2016 Together we moved mountains!

2016 Together we moved mountains! What else can I say but ‘Thank You’ This year SAGE can’t thank you enough for stepping up every single time we asked for your help. Starting with Tokyo who needed so much help after being hit by a car, in 2016 we have been able to bring over more galgos with disabilities or other special needs than ever. Tokyo, for whom you all donated towards his operations in Spain, Begi with her broken leg who could be flown over thanks to your donations and at the same time helping Troky who had spent 2 long years at the same shelter being overlooked and only needed to be brought out of anonymity to find his forever home. Little blind Jorgito, who found his forever within hours after we posted about him. Beautiful brave Cello, who really needed a very special home indeed thanks to the severe abuse in his past. Rosa and Juan Lu, both seniors, who finally found their forever home, together. Bob, with his funny face, who got renamed Captain Bob and sailed into his forever so fast, we all were amazed. You came together for Majestic who we are still waiting for to recover after surgery on his badly broken leg. You donated when the rain in Spain brought down the walls of Charlottes sanctuary and several other rescues in the South. And you made sure we can do it all over again in 2017 by donating for the first two transports in 2017. You helped by transporting dogs, by donating time, by organizing events, by wrapping presents, by fostering, by saying a few friendly words when we felt overwhelmed, discouraged or beaten down. By sharing emergencies and our galgos on social media. All these things together, no matter how small you at times said your support was. It moved mountains, saved lives and brought them into homes. And for that, we thank you! Happy New Year to all.

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