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Its been a whirlwind and we are not done yet!

Suddenly, somewhere around the end of March, we found ourselves in a quiet home. For the first time in years, SAGE had no adoptable galgos. And off course, this always happens just before 'the big event' of the year, Greyhounds in Gettysburg. But no worries, this is something that easily could be remedied. On May 2nd we drove to JFK airport to pick up Debbie Harvey and Wally Lacey who had visited 112CarlotaGalgos in Spain, bringing back 4 galgos. As usual, it was a little stressful, very exiting and quite a journey to bring these 4 to the US. This time it was more then a little exiting since 2 of the galgos are traveling on to Florida to GulfCoastGalgos Gulf Coast Galgos is a new organization located in Cape Coral and these two were their first adoptable galgos. So if you are in Florida and looking for a local galgo rescue, check them out! The other two galgos were for SAGE. And I can't say anything else besides these two are lovely.

Gitana is a sweet, 7 year old female who was rescued by Silvia Borders Gil, Mistletoe is a young, playful male who was rescued by 112CarlotaGalgos. Off course we are not stopping here, on May 8th, 3 more galgos will arrive. This time in Boston thanks to Nancy Waddell and Nancy Young Hanson who also went to Spain to volunteer their time at a rescue in Spain. Both ladies will bring back 3 wonderful galgos for us from Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert Iraya, a lovely black girl, Dosi, a small black male who is said to be awesome and Coliseo, an 11 year old male who is already spoken for. And guess what? We're not done yet, 2 more galgos are in the works, but we'll need some help there in the shape of foster homes and someone willing to make the trip to Spain for us. Please let me know if you would be interested though So check out our available galgos And to Debbie, Wally, Nancy and Nancy: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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