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🐾 In case of an emergency, what happens to your pet? 🐾

We all hope for the best, but sometimes life throws unexpected challenges our way. As pet lovers and responsible caregivers, it's crucial to consider what happens to our furry companions in case of emergencies. Our recent experiences at SAGE have highlighted the importance of being prepared for the unforeseen.

In just one month, we were called upon to be the safety net we promised to be in three heart-wrenching situations.

Currently, we're providing care for five additional galgos due to sudden medical emergencies with their owners. For some, this care may become long-term while their owners recover. Unfortunately, for others, we will have to find them new loving homes.

We understand that life can sometimes take unexpected turns, and in those moments, we want to ensure your beloved pets are safe and cared for. Here are a few tips to make sure your pets receive the care you desire in case of an emergency:

1️⃣ Keep Important Information Easily Accessible: Display your adoption agency's contact information on your fridge, along with where to find an envelope containing all essential details such as medical records, passports, vaccination records, adoption contracts, and your veterinarian's contact information.

2️⃣ Share Information with Loved Ones: Ensure that family and friends are aware of your wishes

and whom to contact regarding your pets in an emergency. This proactive step can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth transition of care for your pets.

3️⃣ Communicate with Your Veterinarian: Inform your veterinarian about who can contact them in case of an emergency, granting permission to share necessary information. This ensures your pets receive the care they need promptly.

4️⃣ Emergency Contact with Adoption Agency: Provide your adoption agency with an emergency contact, granting them the ability to step in and care for your pets if you're unable to make decisions or provide necessary information.

Preparing for the unexpected is an act of love and responsibility toward our beloved animal companions. Ha

ving all vital information easily accessible can make a world of difference for both your pets and those responsible for their well-being during challenging times.

Here at SAGE (Save A Galgo Espanol), we are committed to being the safety net for our adopted galgos and podencos.

Our mission is to provide love, care, and a secure future for them, even in the face of adversity. Let's work together to ensure our pets receive the best care, no matter what life throws our way.


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