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Sometimes, support comes from afar

SAGE, is, as you may know, based in South Central Pennsylvania. But this doesn't mean that our support base is restricted to the area we work and live in. We are very honored to have a group of people in Texas who have a warm heart for the galgos. They showed this again during the Holiday season last December. Together they wrapped presents for donations and gathered US $500 for SAGE. An amazing gesture resulting in more help for a galgo in need in Spain. On their request, this money will be sent to 112CarlotaGalgos to help with medical expenses for Majestic. Majestic has been in Charlottes care since April last year, arrived with a very complicated, infected break in one of his hind legs.Several operations needed to be done and at this moment he is recovering from the last one trying to save his leg. You may recognize his name, Majestic is on our adoption page and available for adoption once he recovered and can make his journey to the US. Jayne Morrison Wallace, Sue Weber, Laura Pope and DrJhon Whitaker Estrada made bows and manned the gift wrapping table. Sue made Santa Dog and donation vests for the Greys and Galgos. Thank you all for your support and help!

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