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Some time ago we learned about an exciting new project by Yeray Lopez Portillo. A documentary film about the glory and the misfortunes of the Spanish galgo. Yeray has been filming and documenting for over 3 years and managed to get all the ins and outs on what happens to these beautiful animals. After 3 years, he finally made the step to get the word out and take the last step needed to make this documentary a reality. He started a Kickstarter campaing to finance the making and the campaing is doing well. At this moment it is a matter of the last dollars. The release of the documentary is scheduled for the end of this year. In our contact with Yeray, it has been clear that this documentary will give answers on numbers of abandoned dogs and worse. Something we have always feared and thought to be true, but never could get confirmed. In Yeray's words: "This is a story that surpasses the individual; it talks about traditions, power, folklore and the ways in which we relate with animals and each other. In the galgo world we find a very particular Spain, kind of frozen in time, hard and cold, in which the galgo becomes an invisible figure that somehow society has accepted as the sufferer and looks away. There has always been something about the galgo that nobody wants to talk about. Well, I do." I would like to invite you to check out Yeray's Kickstarter page and see the preview. Not going to say it is going to be easy to watch, but I promise, it is worth it. In a few weeks, another trip to Spain is planned, this time we will visit 112Carlota Galgos near Malaga and we hope to make a trip to Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert. Off course we will bring back galgos, 3 of them have already been pre-adopted, Merlin, Penelope and Valdile. At this moment we are trying to decide who else will join us on our flight back to the US. On our last day in Spain, we will also meet up with Yeray and no doubtly hear a lot more about the 3 years he spent documenting Spains galgo scene.

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