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Dia del Galgo, World Galgo Day February 1st

But hold on, wait, it isn't February yet, is it? You are right, it isn't, but all over Spain we can see this day coming. We can see it in the amount of rescues coming into the shelters that are already full to the rim. We know since the ones coming in are either emaciated, severely abused or neglected. So what is Dia del Galgo? From the Dia Del Galgo Webpage "EVEN THOUGH GALGOS NEED OUR HELP ALL YEAR LONG, WORLD GALGO DAY WAS STARTED SO THAT WE CAN UNITE AND SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF THESE BEAUTIFUL DOGS. FEBRUARY 1 WAS CHOSEN BECAUSE IT MARKS THE END OF HUNTING SEASON WHEN MANY GALGOS MEET A FATE WORSE THAN THE LIFE OF CRUELTY THAT THEY HAVE ALREADY ENDURED." Yesterday we got a little preview on what to expect the coming months. Its only just the beginning but it shows why the galgos need your help so desperately. Yesterday morning started for me as every other day, opening my mailbox on the computer and checking Facebook. But this time of year, with the hunting season close to its end, I always hesitate. Knowing what I will find. I will not show you the worst, but want to share a little of what the rescues in Spain are already dealing with. If you can not see an animal in pain or hurt, please leave this page now... To see two videos from yesterday, please click the pictures

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