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Volunteering at FBM in Spain (Part 2)

The day prior to my arrival at FBM, this beautiful galgo was injured in a horrible accident. The amazing staff received a call about this galgo being hit by a car and went to the accident site and brought her back to FBM. Amazingly, she did not have a single broken bone. They named her Shiva.

Shiva was definitely shy and a bit tentative during the first few days while I was giving her medications and assisting with cleaning her wounds.

It was decided on Friday, 10/30/15, that she would have surgery to have the open, deeper wounds debrided and sutured back together. Nuira, one of the amazing vets at FBM, did an amazing job suturing areas on her left front leg, both rear legs, and hips. Shiva did very well while under anesthesia.

After her surgery, I continued to help each day with cleaning/medicating all her wounds in addition to changing the bandage on her left front leg. She continued to gain trust in me and even let me take her for several walks the last couple of days that I was there. She has been reserved for a family in Italy and is scheduled to travel around 11/27/15.

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