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Volunteering at FBM in Spain (Part 3)

During my visit to FBM, there were approximately 400-500 dogs at the facility. The majority of them are galgos. The following pics/descriptions are several lovely souls that I had the pleasure of helping out and hanging out with while I was there.

This is Fantasia (pronounced Fan-ta-c-a). Despite her injury, she is such a sweetheart. Not sure how her left front leg ended up this way. She was brought into surgery on 10/30/15 to have a drain placed to help reduce the swelling. Nuira, one of the amazing vets at FBM, did a fantastic job. A biopsy of the area was done at a hospital in Sevilla several days prior to the surgery. I did find out (prior to leaving Spain) that the biopsy results came back negative for cancer :)

This is Aladin (pronounced Al-a-dean). Not sure of his story; however, when I first met him he was recovering from surgery to his right hip. He's quite the character and loves to play/run with all the hospitalized dogs. He also loved snuggling up with Kenzo in the cages. He is reserved for a wonderful family in Canada and is scheduled to go on 12/4/15.

This is Lena. She was one of my buddies while I was there and is such a sweetheart. Not sure how her right front leg was injured. Despite the injury, she was extremely resilient and loved to go out and play with the other hospitalized dogs.

This is Alma. She was definitely a bit on the shy side but warmed up pretty quickly. She continued to improved while I was there depsite the injury to her left rear leg.

This is Planeta. Not sure of her story prior to coming to FBM. She is a very scared galgo and at one point, managed to jump the 5 foot fence that encloses the hospital area. It took some time, but she actually let me pet her and hang out near her.

This is Lina. She was brought in/dropped off at FBM towards the end of my stay. She was favoring her rear right leg a bit and was a bit on the shy side. She did warm up rather quickly and enjoyed being petted.

This is a rare moment! From left to right, Newton, Dreamer, and Caramelo. These three high energy galgos were constantly playing with each other and tearing it up in the hospital area. It was awesome getting to be there every evening when things would settle down. They look so happy and peaceful. Caramelo actually left for France for adoption on Friday, 10/30 :)

This is how I started each day while I was there :) This amazing group of dogs taught me soooo much! From left to right, Newton, Trebol, Aladin, Kenzo, Dreamer, (and in the back) Alma and Pali.

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