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Thank you!

Thank you! As we are reaching the end of 2015, I would like to take a moment to say a heartfelt thank you to every one who supported, adopted, donated time, money and goods, helped by driving, sharing on social media and the emotional support we received this year. You were one of them! And you made a change, one way or another in the life of one of these special souls that came all the way from Spain to find a safe haven all the way in the US and in some cases, Canada. That said, none of this could be done without the hard, emotionally draining work done by the Spanish rescue groups and their volunteers. And I would like to thank BaasGalgo, Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert and 112Carlotta Galgos for working with us this year and trusting us to place their rescues with us. We realize how much of a leap of faith it is for the Spanish groups to send us these wonderful animals and trust us to keep them safe. This year we were, with your help, able to help a few extra special pups. You may remember Maira, after being fostered with SAGE for almost a year she found her forever home and almost weekly we get updates that make us really happy. And Fermin, who found his forever home in Canada with the help of Carlotta galgo rescue Canada. What a ride it was with this special senior boy who was found to have the MRSA bacteria in his bladder after we found he had bladder stones. Do not want to end on a sad note, but I would like to mention two forever homes of our SAGEhounds. This year, Jackie and Copito past away . But not before experiencing life as a much loved family member. Ann and Jan, thank you so much for giving these two a loving home and caring for them. This year we have been concentrating more on the special needs pups, the more scared ones, the over looked ones thanks to age or color. It meant that we may not have placed a huge amount, but it means some really special pups finally found homes. And with your support, we are able to continue to do this. At this moment we have already scheduled our next transports. The first ones arriving in January are Tokyo and Lena. Both needed extensive medical help to recover from trauma. Thanks to your help, these two special pups will be flying to the US soon. And they are just the first ones, there is a rumor that there may be another miracle in the making. We will keep you up to date on that. And since it is Christmas Eve, On behalf of the SAGE board and volunteers, Thank you and happy holidays!

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