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Getting ready for the first galgos of 2016 to come over.

You may have read it already, but 2016 started really well with a radio interview and a tv interview. And that is not all, we're preparing for the fist 2016 galgos to come over. A week from now I will on a plane towards Madrid for a short visit, returning with the first two galgos of this year. We are expecting a special boy this time. After a few months of healing, Tokyo will finally be ready for his forever home. For those not knowing his story, here's a short recap. A few months ago a volunteer in Spain witnessed how a car sped up, hitting a young galgo, leaving him for dead. The volunteer, Juan Rojas Gema picked him up, got him to a clinic where it was found that he needed surgery to repair a broken leg, hip, a dislocated hip and a big gash on his side. Not being able to pay for this all by himself, he reached out for help on the Million Paw March for Justice, a facebook page on awareness, where we read about him. E-mails started flying and soon we found Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert willing to take this young boy, whose name now is Tokyo, in if we could help with some of the costs. Thanks to our supporters we could do just that. And since his operations, Tokyo has been recovering at the home of Gisela Mehnert. At first we planned to bring him to the US last November, but he needed a bit more time. But now he is ready and fully healed. It will be quite emotional to finally meet him and I can't wait to introduce him to you all and update his profile so we can find him a good home. Off course Tokyo will not be the only one coming, Iberia allows 2 dogs per person and so, Lena will be going home also. Another pup that bears the signs of former abuse, but ready to start her new life with her new family who will be meeting us at JFK airport on the 21st of this month.


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